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What is Profit Lance?
Profit Lance is a fairly new package by Michael Andrews that boasts a high quality interactive learning center with video tutorials, pre made web templates that you simply plug your Profit Lance login details into, and many other resources. Unlike most internet marketing material out there, Profit Lance is NOT an ebook. It is a membership website that is constantly updated, to reflect the ever changing Online Marketing space.

pl2I have been a member of Profit Lance for well over a few months now, and I must admit that till today, I am still learning a great deal from this membership site. Many would like to know how much I make from the info I learn from Profit Lance. And, I will tell you that when I started online (part time), I knew absolutely NOTHING! Within 2 months, I had started earning a comfortable $500-$600 monthly, and today, after almost 4 months, I am earning close to $2,700/month (about $100/day), 100% on Autopilot, 100% Profits. All you need to have is the belief and determination to make money online. You do not need to work 8 hours/day on your internet business, all you need to do is put in a solid 1-2 hours/day and you WILL achieve the same results as me. If you want to get there faster, spend more time, thats all!

The objective of this site is to SHOW you what is INSIDE Profit Lance. Sure, I can tell you what Profit Lance is all about, but there are tonnes of sites out there already harping on the same thing, and the homepage itself tells you best what Profit Lance is all about. So... I am going to SHOW you what is INSIDE Profit Lance. That way, you get to see for yourself if Profit Lance is really for you! So, enjoy!

Profit Lance Credentials



I am very sure the first question that pops into anyone's mind is "Is Profit Lance a SCAM?" Ok, so lets get that question out of the way by first showing you Profit Lance's credentials. Whether of not it is a scam, more proofs coming right up as I take you on a tour INSIDE Profit Lance.


Profit Lance has been featured continuously in various top US magazines and Media Coverages.

Featured In:

1) Start Your Own Business
2) Entrepreneur
3) Small Business Opportunities
4) CBS Market Watch
6) CNN Money

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Profit Lance Main Interface


On the left panel are a series of dropdown menus, each catered to a specific area of interest. As you can see, there is an entire section about Google Adsense, How to sell Info Products, All Techniques about Traffic Generation, Methos and Examples of Excellent sales copies, Strategic SEO Tactics, Various Ebooks on Internet Marketing, Self Helps and Money Making Ideas, Free Website templates which are HOSTED FREE, and Review Websites which are 100% ready to be used (Products chosen from the Industry's TOP converting Products). More free Website Templates, and a whole series of Internet Marketing Video Tutorials (Specially catered to the visual learners). The final section would be a section on Tools and Softwares which Profit Lance provides to all their members.

As you can see, each section is already an entire course by itself which many Top name internet marketers are selling online for $97-$599 EACH! Not to mention that those ebooks are not updated! In Profit Lance, all the material are constantly added and upgraded to reflect most current trends.

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Profit Lance Training Center


Clicking on any of the dropdown menus would bring you to the specific section of the program you chose. Here, I have clicked on the 'Affiliate Marketing' section, and as you can see, within it are the course program.

1) Definition - Focusing on what Affiliate Marketing REALLY is and is not, your duty as an affiliate marketeer, as well as various examples of affiliate products and how you can promote them. Just a brief section for the newbies who have absolutely no idea what Affiliate Marketing really is, and how LUCRATIVE this area is!

2) The Clickbank Marketplace - All about Clickbank, what is holds, and why it is so important as a starting ground for your IM business. Again, it is just a short section to familiarize you to the World Largest Digital bank.

3) How To Choose The Best Affiliate Programs - Now, getting on into the hardest part of Internet Marketing, which is Choosing a converting Product. Most IMers fail because they spend ALL their time promoting a product they "BELIEVE will sell, to a market they BELIEVE will buy". All these wrong assumptions are fatal to your Online Business. In this section, Andrew goes through a Systematical method to Match the Right Product to the Right Market.

4) Quick Way To Start Earning Money - In this section, Andrew shows you exactly how to make more money using Affiliate Programs -- and leave nothing to guess. So roll up your sleeves and get ready to learn a sure-fire method for getting immediate traffic for your affiliate links. And by "immediate," I do mean right now!

5) Using Pay Per Click - True to their name, with pay-per-click search engines, you pay a premium every time a visitor clicks on your link-anything from a few cents to a few dollars. However, SO MANY (like up to 95%) LOSE money via Adwords for the simple fact that they DO NOT know the RIGHT way of using Adwords! Like all business, leave nothing to guesswork. Profit Lance gives you a detailed guide (and I mean, really detailed) on how to use Adwords the RIGHT way. This also includes methods to do a precauculation on how much profit you can get based on a defined standard conversion rate of the product (methods inside Profit Lance). Leave nothing to chance!

6) Advanced Pay Per Click - Like mentioned, Profit Lance is catered for the Complete Newbie, right up to the advanced players who have a daily Adword budget of $10,000 and more! So, with that kind of money, your Keyword Research has to be TOP NOTCH! And Profit Lance provides just that. Profit Lance shows you where you can do quick but precise Keyword selection, selecting on the best keyword that matches your market and your product. You are also introduced to several keyword software tools out there that will help you compile keywords so you can start a good PPC campaign. This section also goes through things like:

  • How do you find the keywords your market is searching for?
  • Finding out which words are profitable.
  • Cutting out Bad/Non converting keywords
  • Conversion Tracking, The Right Way
  • Is the #1 spot the best place to advertise?
  • How to determine how much to bid per Click
  • Immediate Success Tips for Beginners to Make Cash on the Fast-Track Using PPC!
  • How to Target The Right Audience
  • How To Properly Refine Your Keywords
  • How to Sell Your USP (Unique Selling Proposition)
  • How to Deter Freebie Hunters
  • How to Remove Common and non converting Words
  • ... and Many More inside Profit Lance

7) Advanced Techniques - In Advanced Techniques, Andrew goes through the advanced method of affiliate marketing practiced by all the Top marketing Gurus. In this section, Andrew also includes freely build and hosted websites for you to start right away should you wish to!

8) Summary - Quick recap of how to make Affiliate Marketing LUCRATIVE!

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Adsense Training

pl7Adsense, everyone's favourite topic! And Andrew has included a HUGE section on this! As you can see on the left, Profit Lance goes into detail about Adsense, focusing on the critical points such as Adsense Strategies, How to properly Implement Adsense, Adsense Tips (based on the latest Adsense TOS), How to properly Track your Adsense Websites, and also a section on the various payment methods.

Profit Lance teaches you how to create quality Adsense sites that DO NOT get Kicked out by the Search Engines. We all know about those junk MFA (Made for Adsense Sites)... those are rubbish sites created just to cheat Google. MFA sites barely last 3 weeks in the search engines. With Profit Lance, you are properly guided on how you can create sites Google Loved sites, and when Google likes your site, your CPC is way higher than the average industry CPC!

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Traffic Generation

As we all know, Website Traffic is the single most important thing when it comes to Online Business. Most people spend 99% of their time BUILDING a website, and 1% of their time getting traffic... no wonder the failure rate of Online Marketers remain at a staggering 95%!

The RIGHT way to market things online is to spend 1% of your time building your website, and the remaining 99% of your time getting TRAFFIC! Profit Lance program stresses on this one single point VERY strongly. Profit Lance has a very advanced Traffic Building Strategies, and how you can properly and correctly implement them. Yes, you may look at the list and say, "oh yea, I am doing all those already...", but, the REAL question is, are you doing them CORRECTLY?

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Sales Copy Training


As you can see above, in ANY online marketing business, you have to have a little knowledge on the right techniqes in sales copywriting. And Profit Lance provides just that! Look at the above, it shows a weekly course you can take (free of course), that covers subjects like: Key to Successfull Sales letters, Why People Buy, right up to the Secret Sales Letter Formulas. All these courses are being sold individually online for $97-$197 EACH! With Profit Lance, Andrew has gotten all these products on compiled them into this membership site, FREE for all Profit Lance Members.

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SEO - Search Engine Optimization


SEO which stands for Search Engine Optimization. Now, this is where SO MANY people get things so WRONG! There are lots of myth and beliefs out there involving SEO, and most of them are made up by people who do not know better. In Profit Lance, you are guided in a step by step manner on the RIGHT and PROVEN SEO Strategies. Just look above. SEO is more than just meta tags and massive link building. SEO is a collective of various entities encompasing areas on Good Keyword research and optimization, Right way in site building, On and Off page Optimizations, Correct way of Link Building that Would NOT get your site banned, and many other various factors that would help you rank High on the Google Index!

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Ebooks Section


In the Ebook section, there lis a LONG list of Best Selling ebooks online. Believe me, these ebooks are REALLY being sold online and in bookshops for at least $49 EACH! Here, Profit Lance has had an agreement with these top authors, and thus, these Ebooks are provided togather with the Profit Lance membership!

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Live Affiliate Sites


This is a REALLY FANTASTIC part of Profit Lance. You are given Free LIVE websites, which are freely hosted, and fully loaded with reviews on the top converting products! All you do in plug in your affiliate ID and you can start making money right away! No more spending on expensive hosting and domain names!

>> Grab Profit Lance LIVE Websites!


Adsense Packages


Need I say more? These are just a few Adsense Packages that comes with being a Profit Lance member! Each package comes as a fully create Adsense site whcih you can start using immediately! No need to be computer savvy, no need to know difficult HTML coding... all you do is download these packages and use them! Can you imagine BUYING EACH Adsense package? Online these packages are being sold for about $77 EACH!! Here, you get them all totally FREE of charge! And.. all are guaranteed to be fully Adsense Optimized

>> Grab Profit Lance Adsense Packages!


Predesigned Website Templates


This section is the Professionally Designed website templates, all ready to be used. Above are shown just a few types, as you can see, there Professionally Designed Review-Type templates, as well as Fully CSS styled templates for product promotions. There are many more types of templates which are all free to Profit Lance members! Website templates are also added constantly!

>> Grab Profit Lance Professional Templates!


Profit Lance Video Series


Now, the Profit Lance Video Series is a real Beauty! It has over 100 videos showing every single aspect of Internet Marketing techniques! Watch while you learn, and you will definately learn faster! These videos are all up to date and reflects the latest techniques of Internet Marketing. There are many IM Video Membership site out there which charges $197/Month for the exact same infomation you find in Profit Lance!

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Blueprints, Tips and Tricks!


Over at the top header, there is another menu list:

  • Dashboard
  • Projects
  • Blueprints
  • Tips and Tricks
  • Resources
  • Task Manager
  • Articles
  • Blog

All of the above are deemed confidential and thus, I cannot show you exactly what is inside each one. But as you can see from the small snapshot above on the 'Blueprint' section, you can easily see why that section is called 'Blueprint'!

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100% Reliable




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